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All the Things You Are -- comping w/ walking bass

This arrangement is meant to be played with fingers or pick-and-fingers. I've included a lot of techniques in this example. Notice that I do not keep the bass moving constantly in quarter notes, but break it up with half notes. Also, I play the chords on the off-beats most of the time, but sometimes, for contrast, on a downbeat. The circled numbers indicate strings. I try to keep the bass notes on strings 6 and 5.

Click here to view and download the notated exercise. (You'll need Adobe PDF viewer.)

Here's a sound clip from one of my gigs. Of course, I'm not playing exactly what I wrote in the exercise, but it should give you some ideas about how to apply the techniques.

To hear the sound clip of the whole tune, and to read the gig journal entry, click here.

Last updated 02/04/2009