There are at least two uses for the Progression Analyzer.
For THoTH users who do not own a music notation program that will export MusicXML for chord progressions, the Progression Analyzer allows the quick and easy production of MusicXML files. THoTH needs to produce the analysis in order to determine whether the text you have entered is correct and will produce valid MusicXML. You'll see that after the analysis completes successfully (which takes less than a second), the "Save MusicXML" button is enabled. If you click this, you will be presented with a save dialog, asking for a location to save the file; you have the option of providing a new file name.
Let's look at an example. Suppose you have written a song called "On Tap," and you would like to add the song to THoTH's database, along with a MusicXML file, so that THoTH can produce the analysis of this song at any time. First, add the song by using THoTH's File | New Song menu, and save the song record. Then click the Teaching⁄Learning⁄Analyze Progression menu, and the Progression Analyzer form will open. Select the key for your song (if you are not sure, just leave the default key of C.) Enter "On Tap" in the Title edit box. Then type in the chord progression for your song. Here's a fictional example:
Click the Analyze button, and THoTH will show the analysis:
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