The THoTH Demo has restrictions on the size of the song and student databases, and includes fewer lesson files.
Other than that, the THoTH Demo is a fully functional version.

In the Demo, the song database is limited to 50 records.
The Demo comes with approximately 40 song records in the song database, so you can add approximately 10 song records.
The size of the song database in the registered version is unlimited; registered version 2.4 includes records for almost 400 songs.

Because there are fewer song records in the Demo, there are fewer lesson files. The Demo version includes about 30 lesson files; the registered version includes more than 50 lesson files. Registered users can download free lesson files as they become available.

In the Demo, the student database is limited to five student records. (The size of the student database in the full version is unlimited.)

In the Demo, the Progression Analyzer is limited to ten uses. (The full version allows unlimited uses of the Progression Analyzer.)

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