THoTH Overview
    THoTH stores and displays information about songs. What makes THoTH unique is that it can read MusicXML files and extract not only text information such as title, composer, and tempo, but musical information such as key, time signature and chords. It can even perform a modal analysis of the chord progression, and apply chord-scale theory to suggest scales for improvisation.
    Finale and FinalePrintMusic can export MusicXML files that include chord symbols. Other music notations, such as Notion (from Virtuosoworks), will soon be adding this capability.
         The main screen provides a searchable list of tunes. Songs that appear in blue bold text have MusicXML files available, so THoTH can analyze the chord progressions for those songs. You can search for tunes by typing a title into the Find box.
THoTH Analysis
    THoTH can perform modal analysis on any MusicXML file that contains chord symbols. (See Analysis)
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