THoTH can analyze any song for which you have a MusicXML file that contains chord symbols. THoTH ships with a few MusicXML files to demonstrate this. On the main screen, tunes that have associated MusicXML are indicated in the list by bold blue text. When a song has an associated MusicXML file, the Analysis button is enabled.

You can generate MusicXML files yourself, using a program such as Finale, Sibelius, or Notion. Add the file name for the MusicXML file to the song record, in the MusicXml File field. Once you have done this, the Analysis button becomes enabled for that song, and clicking the button will display THoTH's analysis of the song. The information extracted from the MusicXML, such as chord types and modes, will be stored in the record for that song. When you close the form, you will be prompted to save that information. Select Yes to save the information, No to close the form without saving the information, or Cancel to leave the song record open.

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