"Working with Marilynn is such a joy and blessing. She takes the time to ask important questions and listen to you closely as you discuss areas in your life you may need support in whether it be mental, emotional or physical. She describes the myriad of modalities she practices, and together you decide what will best serve you that day. Whether it's Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Chakra work, Crystal work or a combination of all of the above, every session is unique. She is an incredibly beautiful and gentle spirit that is highly intuitive and a true vessel for healing and magic! With each session I have with Marilynn, I feel I delve deeper into personal healing on all planes. At the end of each session, I feel exhilarated as if having just gotten off of a roller coaster and yet, I am very calm, grounded and present in my body. Marilynn truly gives you the "good stuff" each time you meet and unconditionally gives her all to her work with an open heart. If you're looking to turn a new leaf, take better care of yourself and just plain persevere more gently on your life's journey~ Marilynn is the perfect guide."

Amanda Stanley from Newmarket, NH

"Marilynn is my Reiki teacher, and is an amazing, compassionate, knowledgeable and gifted healer. Anyone meeting her will immediately feel calmed, acknowledged, and comforted."

Jane B.

"Since learning Reiki from Marilynn I've had many opportunities to use my Reiki training. My mom asked me to give her a session and the next day she called to tell me that her aches and pains were gone. It is so exciting to be a conduit and am grateful to be able to be of help. I use it every day, and even Reiki my car each day. I love it and am so grateful to my wonderful teacher to have given me this life-changing gift."

J. F.

"Marilynn Carter aka Mom Carter is a deeply caring and giving person as well as teacher and practitioner of many healing modalities. I know I am in good hands when I receive a treatment. Marilynn goes above and beyond what many practitioners do. I highly recommend her for classes or treatment."

Jeri La Shay LMT, Reiki Master, Oracle Reader

In-Person Healing Sessions:

"I received a Reiki session with Marilynn a few days before surgery in preparation of day surgery. During the session, I felt relaxed and comfortable. I also sensed that there were angels in the room watching over me. It was a great experience for me. I found the session to be very helpful in preparing for surgery and would recommend to anyone considering surgery."

Pat Lepore, Reiki Practitioner, Arlington, MA

"I have been a client of Marilynn's since 2008 traveling from Massachusetts to New Hampshire for my sessions. Recently the sessions have been incredible with me leaving relaxed and serene and being to get an extremely good nights rest. I am having more energy and some of my aches and pains have been aleviated. I would recommend Marilynn to anyone looking for a more holistic and healthy life."

Bob P from Newton, Massachusetts

"Thanks for the Reiki... I was just amazed at how you took my neck crick away!"

Beth Frede, www.bethfredeinteriors.com

"Highly skilled! Seasoned professional! Caring and compassionate practitioner and teacher! These are the words that I use to describe Marilyn Carter's excellent work. Marilyn has devoted her life to helping others through her superior Reiki practice. Marilyn lives and works at a high level of awareness. She is one of the best energy workers that I have ever had the privilege to know. I am proud to know her as both a friend and colleague."

Barbara Stamm, Gonic, NH


"I feel blessed to have taken Marilynn's Reiki l class. Last winter I was house bound with chronic pain and migraines and now I am off the couch and have a wonderful happy life. It all started with Reiki. Marilynn is full of positive energy and she is a warm and loving teacher. I am grateful every day that our paths crossed."

Diana, Wolfeboro

"I have had a wonderful experience learning Reiki from Marilynn. She is warm and open. I was nervous to learn Reiki, but her calm spirit put me immediately at ease. Her guidance is clear and generous; she has always answered all my questions thoughtfully. I am very grateful for having a teacher like Marilynn and for all the beautiful experiences Reiki has brought into my life."

Emma Britt, Dover, NH

Distance Healing Sessions:

"As a Nurse Practitioner in Geriatrics and Internal Medicine, I am always looking for new therapies that can help my patients, especially those who experience chronic pain. Part of this desire is purely selfish since I also suffer from chronic pain in my left knee from an arthroscopic surgery that went awry several years ago. I have had multiple surgeries since and my next surgery will be a knee replacement in the very near future. This has left me with chronic knee pain which at times, can be very unforgiving. I have had Reiki sessions with Marilyn in the past, and I must say, it is an amazing experience. I always feel relief in my knee, and the rest of my body feels equally refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. When Marilyn first mentioned to me about distance healing, since we live in different states, I was skeptical. As a healer myself, I had difficulty believing that you could help someone without putting your hands on them. I said I would give it a shot but I didn't really think that I would feel as much as in a typical session. Boy was I wrong! The intensity of the energy I felt was amazing. I could feel exactly what she was doing, what channels she was opening, and when she was working with the energy surrounding my knee. If I had not experienced it myself, I definitely wouldn't have believed it. I feel very lucky that I have such an experienced and talented healer as Marilyn, and now I am even luckier that I do not have to travel a great distance to see her. I can just lay on my bed at home and still experience the same amazing result!"

Heather Bryant-McKenney, RNP, Arlington, MA

"I have known Marilynn for over thirty years and have watched her progression over the years. Her knowledge of alternative therapies totally boggles my mind! She has dedicated her life to helping people in many different aspects of their lives. Through her great knowledge in so many areas of alternative therapies, she has helped many people including myself. I have received Reiki in person from her, and I must say she is superb. I have also received distance healing from Marilynn. What is truly remarkable about distance healing is that you can enjoy the session from the comfort of your own home, while receiving the benefits of her healing skills. I have a chronic back problem, and when I need Marilynn's assistance, I can now arrange to have a session in my own home. This is very beneficial as I usually am in a lot of pain when my back flairs, plus the fact that we live in two different states. I can attest to the fact that you will feel total relaxation. After the session my back feels a thousand times better. I find the experience hard to explain, but the best way is to experience it for yourself. I personally can't wait for the next session, since I no longer have to travel to get relief. It is truly an awesome experience!"

Jan Hayden, Arlington, MA

"As an electrician I am frequently lifting and carrying fairly heavy objects such as ladders, pipes, and wires which is part of the job. My lower back and knees often take the brundt of these objects. I heard about distance healing from Marilynn Carter through a friend who had a very positive experience with this type of healing and although skeptical about it my friend talked me into trying it. Well all I can say is after I went through a 25 minute session with Marilynn over the phone, I am no longer skeptical. I did not tell her what areas of my body I needed work on and I really didn't think I would feel anything. I was surprised to feel a passing headache, flutters in my heart, stomach grumbling and some twitching of my hands. After the session she noted I had lower back pain, a problem in my hip, knees, and the right groin area. I knew about these areas but she didn't until after the session. To be honest I really didn't feel any different after the session but she told me it may take awhile and told me things I might feel and I might have some dreams that night. Well not only did I have some dreams but I dreamed all night. When I got up the next day and began to move around, I discovered that I had no pain in my lower back and knees and have remained that way since my session 4 days ago. In conclusion, I am no longer skeptical about this method of healing and I can't wait for my next session with Marilynn."

Charles Oliver, Andover, MA

"Being a total skeptic, I naturally had doubts about the effectiveness of Reiki until I experienced it myself. My cousin Marilynn, a Reiki Master, and I were great friends growing up. I moved to Texas 30 years ago and we have only seen each other once since then. We are in constant touch through email. I look forward to hearing from her and just reading her words seems to calm and sooth me; as if I was absorbing her spirit through cyberspace. Her energy is always positive as she always sees the light, where I a confirmed pessimist, tend to see the dark. She would write and say she would send me light and healing to help me through my day. At first, I didn't realize what that meant. When I finally realized there was more to her words, I asked her if she were sending me distant Reiki through the airwaves and she confirmed it. Whether she sends it on purpose each time, it's message is apparent in all her communications that Reiki has become a part of her whole being even infiltrating her karma. I am now a believer in the positive power of Reiki!"

Andrea McFarland, Houston, Texas