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Presence Chambers

This is a series of duets for reading and chord practice.
The term "presence chamber" refers to the room in which one meets royalty. There are rules of behavior for the presence chamber that differ from those of the ante-chamber, where one waits to be allowed into the presence of royalty.

Every position on the guitar has a kind of presence: fingerings that feel comfortable or awkward, certain tonal shadings and phrasings that "lay down" well under the hand.

So each Presence Chamber piece should be played in at least two different positions, to get a feel for the "presence" of each.

As for the chords, I've notated voicings and "hits", but you should improvise the rhythms that you strum. For most of them, an eight-note or sixteenth-note rhythm will work.

Eventually, I'll publish more Presence Chambers.

Click on the links below to download the notated duets.

(You'll need Adobe PDF viewer for the notated examples.)

Last updated 10/26/2008