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Dindi - motif study

A good way to create an interesting solo is to start with a motif and develop it.
In this exercised, I've started with a four-note motif and done some simple development.
The motif is 5 - 6, 3 - 9.
Exercise 1 repeats the motif at the same pitch (except for the second measure, which is a simple transposition to the Dbma7 chord). The only note that needs to be changed is the Cb in measure 6.

Exercise 2 repeats the motif starting on the same chord tone, the 5th, for each chord. Accidentals are applied as needed.

Exercise 3 uses permutation. For example, in measure 6, instead of the original 5 - 6, 3 - 9, I use 7 - 1, 5 - 6.

By starting with simple motifs and running them through the chords of a song, you can begin to get ideas for how a motif can "grow" and develop. This will add a sense of organization to your solos.

Click here to view and download the notated exercise. (You'll need Adobe PDF viewer.)

Last updated 10/06/2002