Gig Journal

All Asia Cafe. Cambridge, MA. Last Call for Green Tea & Jazz. Jan. 19, 2003

Well, last week's gig at the All Asia was bad (see the gig journal for Jan 12), but this was the last straw. When I showed up for the gig, there was another band setting up! Patti, the owner was near the door, sweeping the floor. She saw me and said, "Oh, Steve, I made a mistake, I double-booked." She went on about how she had booked them a long time ago and had forgotten and couldn't get in touch with them. Of course, she has my phone number and could have called me. I was pissed, but I stayed cool. I said to her, let's talk to them and see if we can work something out. We went up to the stage and she introduced me to the band leader, and then she scurried away, back to her sweeping, leaving us to clean up the mess.

The band leader was very nice and we agreed to split the gig, in half hour sets.

I had sent out an email to about 30 people, and if even one of them had shown up and I wasn't playing, my credibility would have been shot.

This club has always used amateur local bands, which is fine. But our agreement with the Green Tea & Jazz series was that we would try to bring a little professionalism to the stage on Sunday afternoons. I learned my lesson: no more playing in clubs that cater to amateurs. Actually, I thought I'd learned that lesson 30 years ago. Guess I hadn't learned it well enough.