Gig Journal

Softpro Books. Burlington, MA. Jan. 15, 2003

A very nice gig. Rick, the owner, is a guitarist and a big jazz fan. There was a small but very attentive and appreciative audience. Several guys who, like me, are software developers and guitarists.

Bill Godwin was there. I'd "met" Bill through the newsgroup. That is, we'd exchanged email, but had never met. Bill graduated from Berklee many years ago, so we had quite a bit to chat about on the breaks. He listened and watched closely. That, of course, always makes me a bit nervous, but it's great to have a pair of trained ears in the audience.

Rick's daughter, Lauren was there. She's 13 -- if I remember correctly. It was her birthday and she asked me if I'd play "Happy Birthday". I got every one to sing to her. After that, I started into "Softly as a Morning Sunrise." She said, "Oh, that's my favorite." Now, you wouldn't think that a teenage girl would know that song, let alone call it a "favorite". But I assumed she'd heard my CD many times in her Dad's tore; he plays it frequently. Lauren signed my mailing list, and in the comments section wrote: "The song after "Happy Birthday" is my fav. I walk to my bust stop with my CD player walking to the beat. Thank You!"

Thank you, Lauren.