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Sunday, March 19, 2006

THoTH ready for next Beta

I've finished the database analysis engine and worked it into THoTH. I created two test MusicXML file with Finale PrintMusic, and ran analysis in THoTH. The tunes are "Blue Bossa" and "Body and Soul". The analysis looks correct (although I still need to deal a better handling for the D/F# in the bridge of "Body and Soul".

So now the user can add a tune record in THoTH, fill in the name of the MusicXML file, and run an analysis. THoTH will display the analysis, save the analysis to the database, and update the tune record.

Once I've add more MusicXML files, run more analyses, and added more results to the analysis table, I'll be able to to meta-analysis across tunes. Like "what is the most common measure for the appearance of a IVm6 chord?"


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