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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Harmonic Analysis Examples

From web stats, it looks like not many users were finding the harmonic analysis examples on my web site, so I added a link to a new page. On the Lessons page, I now have a link: Harmonic (Modal) Analysis Examples.

I have a MySQL database on my site that contains the data that THoTH uses. For each tune: title, composer, key, chords, modes, etc. I wrote a PHP page that queries the databse for tunes that have a value of "Y" in the has_analysis field. This means that I've taken the analytic output of THoTH for that tune and massaged it (I'm rewriting THoTH and in the new version I won't need this step). The PHP calls another page the reads in the analysis text file and outputs formated HTML, then displays the result.


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