Stella By Starlight

Bb: #IVmin7b5Bb: VII7b9Bb: IImin7Bb: V7
Emin7b5| A7b9| Cmin7| F7
E LocrianA Mixob9b13C DorianF Mixolydian
F MajorD HMBb MajorBb Major

Eb: IImin7Eb: V7Bb: IVmaj7Bb: bVII7#11
| Fmin7| Bb7| Ebmaj7| Ab7#11
F DorianBb MixolydianEb LydianAb Lydianb7
Eb MajorEb MajorBb MajorEb RMM

Bb: Imaj7Bb: #IVmin7b5Bb: VII7b9Bb: IIImin7
| Bbmaj7| Emin7b5A7b9| Dmin7
Bb IonianE LocrianA Mixob9b13D Phrygian
Bb MajorF MajorD HMBb Major

Bb: IV7F: Imaj7F: IImin7F: V7
| Eb7| Fmaj7| Gmin7C7
Eb Lydianb7F IonianG DorianC Mixolydian
Bb RMMF MajorF MajorF Major

F: IIImin7b5F: VI7b9F: II+7F: II+7
| Amin7b5| D7b9| G+7| G+7
A LocrianD Mixob9b13G Whole ToneG Whole Tone

Bb: IImin7Bb: IImin7Bb: IVmin6Bb: IVmin6
| Cmin7| Cmin7| Ebmin6| Ebmin6
C DorianC DorianEb Melodic MinorEb Melodic Minor
Bb MajorBb MajorEb RMMEb RMM

Bb: Imaj7Bb: Imaj7Bb: #IVmin7b5Bb: VII7b9
| Bbmaj7| Bbmaj7| Emin7b5| A7b9
Bb IonianBb IonianE LocrianA Mixob9b13
Bb MajorBb MajorF MajorD HM

Bb: IIImin7b5Bb: VI7b9Bb: IImin7b5Bb: V7b9
| Dmin7b5| G7b9| Cmin7b5| F7b9
D LocrianG Mixob9b13C Locrian Nat2F Dorianb9

Bb: Imaj7Bb: Imaj7
| Bbmaj7| Bbmaj7
Bb IonianBb Ionian
Bb MajorBb Major

For each set of four lines:

The middle line is the chord progression.

The top line is the harmonic analysis.

The third line is the first-choice mode (aka chord-scale) for that chord.

The fourth line is the scale from which the mode is derived.

Analysis produced by Steve Carter's THoTH Expert Music System program